Regardless of the customer or the operating environment, there is a mandate to drive out operating inefficiencies, optimize resource utilization and achieve operational excellence. In other words, do more with less, accelerate delivery timelines and improve quality. The typical response to this directive is to do more of what’s already being done. Though this approach can yield some improvements, they are usually nominal and primarily focused on the “low hanging fruit”. Beyond that, results are limited because of an incomplete understanding of the real problem. To adequately meet this mandate requires a better understanding of the situation and the proper skills and tools needed to solve it.

While the challenge may be straight forward, addressing it is not as easy as working a little harder or a little smarter. Situation dictates behavior and complex environments require a different approach. Clients need a new way of looking at old problems, a fresh perspective, one that prioritizes scope and effort based on operational impact and criticality. To help our clients meet this challenge, Asystek has developed a formal solution called data4impakt™ that uses a data-driven approach to problem solving. This data-driven approach utilizes advanced analytics and leading commercial practices and techniques throughout the delivery cycle to make informed decisions based on empirics, rather than anecdote, in order to achieve the highest degree of positive impact in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of resources. In the data4impakt™ solution, success is measured by the degree of operational impact realized, rather than the number of activities performed. This method and approach is predicated on the understanding that all of the systems, processes and data currently in use by the enterprise are NOT of equal importance.  There is a significant subset that are most critical to the successful fulfillment of day-to-day operations and decision support. To ensure appropriate focus and emphasis, Asystek’s data-driven approach prioritizes and sequences scope and effort based on strategic alignment, mission criticality and operational importance. Asystek’s data4impakt™ solution recognizes this and drives the proper focus on the things that matter most, prioritizes and sequences efforts according to impact, optimizes the utilization of scarce enterprise resources and achieves acceptable levels of quality given time and budget constraints.