ILS Alterations Support

Asystek provides program management and coordination support for Chief of Naval Operation (CNO) Ship availabilities, to ensure that all planned and unplanned ILS products, impacted by Ship Change Documents (SCDs) and Ship Alterations (SAs), are properly developed and promulgated prior to Ship sail away. Our services include:

  • Acquisition of modernization documentation (drawing packages, installation procedures, SCDs, Modernization Readiness Assessments (MRAs), ILS Certifications
  • Identification of Impacted ILS products
  • Development of ILS Impact Assessments
  • Management and Administration of ILS Alteration Tracking database and scorecard
  • Presentation preparation and support for key stakeholder updates to Integrated Logistics Support Management Team (ILSMT)

In addition, Asystek has developed and manages an ILS Carrier Database for ILS products, Cost Estimates, historical data of SCDs and SAs, ILS Certifications, ILS Product Caveats and ILS Development Tracking Reports. Lastly, we perform drafting and design support for data tracking functions including: text, charts, graphics, technical input, draft documentation, briefs, reports, schedules, and milestone charts.