Data-driven Project Management

To meet the constant pressure to accelerate delivery schedules and economize resources, Asystek Solutions Group has developed a project management service that offers an alternative perspective by emphasizing data-driven decision making as a means to achieve project goals and milestones. This service is powered by our data4impakt™ method and predicated on applied industry best project management practices which have been tailored to meet our data-driven philosophy. Asystek's Data-driven Project Management service approach relies on empirical data, rather than anecdote and conjecture, to better understand the risks and rewards of each particular action or decision and provide the objective basis for our clients to make timely, informed choices, and to intelligently allocate valuable time and resources – thereby optimizing investment. Underpinning our service approach is a scalable, formal command and control framework that has been designed to support every aspect of the project life cycle from definition and planning through management and execution.